I am fortunate to be happy in life and motivated by a continuing desire to learn and explore. I have been described as one who is “adventurous but not restless, content but still curious, courageous but not foolhardy and sincere but not sentimental”. Well, I hope I can live up to that!

I have spent some months now developing a website and blog around Croick Estate in the northern Highlands of Scotland (see http://croick.com). But I founds there were things felt I moved to comment on, and pictures I wanted to share that did not really fit with that website. Hence Just Add Pictures.

Of course every blog is to some degree an exercise in vanity publishing, and should be approached with caution as a result. But I have found there are interesting people with interesting perspectives and stories sharing these through blogs. If you find anything I have to contribute interesting or thought-provoking, please let me know.

If not, please pass on!