Liane Lang

Dying in Company

If you have the opportunity to see work of Liane Lang, or time to explore her website ( then grab it with both hands. I think she is a very interesting and original talent. She is a woman of many roles; sculptor, photographer but perhaps most of all the creator of ephemeral installations recorded through photography. She is rather like Andy Goldsworthy in that respect.

The work above, Dying in Company, was made whilst she had a residency at the sculpture gallery in Heidelberg. Each work is a development from a sculpture in the gallery which is quietly subverted (but not disrespected) with her own temporary additions. These additions are sculptural forms, moulded from her own body. In this case the final loneliness of the Dying Gaul is mitigated by the introduction of a female torso, arms and legs which soften his approaching death, but ask new questions at the same time.

I think the result is a stunning photograph which is both classical and very modern at the same time. I am delighted to have been able to acquire a copy and look forward to seeing it on my walls. If you want to acquire for yourself, talk to Art First (