The Main Street of Mendocino facing south across the bay

We made a detour up to see Mendocino yesterday. Mendocino is a small, bohemian town perching on the Pacific Coast of Northern California. Built by people who had moved from New England in the nineteenth century it has managed to preserve many of the original buildings and with them a sort of displaced New England style. It hasn’t of course managed to displace the motor car so it is tough to say it is actually unchanged. And it is no longer a place of business; rather a place of arts and crafts and tourist visits. Still it is a very pretty town in a fantastic location.

Main Street, Mendocino

Unfortunately the journey to get there was much longer than we realised, or that our (rather poor) map implied. And when we go there it was cloudy and there was a bitter wind whipping of the Pacific. So we weren’t able to stay long.

Mendocino style
Medocino church standing above the beach

We then headed back to San Francisco on the famous Route 1. Well, that is quite a road. It reminded me of the roads in Northern India as we threaded our way to the Himalayas. Route 1 hugs the wild Pacific coastline and faithfully replicates every twist and turn, rid and fall of that coastline. It was a remarkable piece of engineering to construct it, it is obviously a lifeline for the coast but it down not make for comfortable long distance travelling. The 150 miles back to San Francisco seemed a very long way indeed.

A view of the Pacific coastline