We have just returned from a few days in Venice. I’m sorry there have been no posts whilst I was travelling but I will catch up with the last few days during the next week.

I had only been to Venice once before, and then for a business meeting. So this was my first chance to explore and fall for this extraordinary, unique and beautiful city. It really is a place that everybody should see, at least once. We had been warned that it would be hot, crowded and smelly at this time of the year. Well it was certainly hot. And it was crowded in some places, notably St Mark’s Square which has really to be avoided. But it was not crowded in much of the rest of the city, and it was never smelly.

It was expensive, but somehow you feel that it has to be expensive just to live and operate in a city where there are no cars or lorries, everything has to be brought in by boat and man-handled through the streets.

The picture above shows the Church of the Redentore on Guidecca, the large island which forms the southern end of Venice.