Portrait of Marta Kisiliczyk


Born and educated in Poland, Marta studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw before completing her Masters’ Degree in Painting and Artistic Tapestry, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. Following this, Marta enjoyed domestic success with many joint and solo exhibitions, though her work never ventured from her native Poland. Her move to England, a few years ago, saw an abrupt halt to Marta’s artistic output. Indeed, living and working in London, meant she did not paint anything new for some years. Recently, though, Marta has returned to her vocation with novel and exciting results. In her own words; “I have to fall deeply in love with the object or landscape I am painting.” This is immediately apparent when viewing her rich and evocative images. Texture is an important part of her painting, but Marta believes it is “colour and dynamic” that really define her work.