Three Graces

20151121-Bathing Costume-187 EditYou might think from the shortage of posts on this blog recently that I have not been taking many pictures. Actually, rather the reverse is true; I have so many pictures that I have not had time to organise, select and process them.

These images are taken from a shoot a few weeks ago with the stylist Suki Miles and three great models, Raphaella, Tilly and Helen. There are a lot of pictures from this shoot which need work before they can be published and I will give full credit to everyone involved when they are. In the mean time these three images were inspired by a beachwear shot by Horst P Horst which I saw recently. They have had little processing so far and I have not yet decided whether the ‘final’ images should be in black and white or colour. Unprocessed though they are, I hope you like them and thanks to Suki, Raphaella, Tilly and Helen for a great day.

20151121-Bathing Costume-061

20151121-Bathing Costume-107