Portrait of Radhika


Radhika is a focused, intelligent and successful professional with a demanding full-time career, a happy marriage and a fast-growing daughter. Frustrated that ‘she did not take a good picture’ she agreed to collaborate with me in creating this portrait. I hope it reflects the person she is; confident, attractive and highly capable.


“When I look at this image I see some unusual juxtapositions which I think are really interesting… the modern woman in Edwardian times… the Indian woman in British society… the career woman in decidedly non-business attire…  I understand the patriarchal undertones of the period, but I see at the very heart of the portrait a recognition and celebration of innate confidence and power, and the suggestion that it transcends era, race, garb”.

Conceived and photographed by James Hall

Dress by Suki Miles at sukimiles.co.uk

Post-production by Paola Sammartino