Deep Purple

Le Marche-160601- 13

This was not what I was expecting to see advertised in a small town in Le Marche. I last saw Deep Purple in about 1971 in Edinburgh, when they were in the process of setting the world record for the loudest rock band ever. It’s hard to imagine that they are still on tour 45 years later.

The band formed (I just checked) in 1968 and apparently Ian Paice, the drummer, is the only member of the original line up still in the band (it would be the drummer!!). The man who had the original idea for the band, former Searchers drummer Chris Curtis, was prone to such erratic behaviour as a result of his LSD use that he never made it to the starting line. Somehow that is consistent with my 1971 memory of a loud and anarchic performance. Ian Gillan had joined the band on vocals by the time I saw them, and he is still in the line-up. That’s staying power for you!