Portrait of Eva Lis

Eva Lis - 20-05-16-43

Eva Lis was born in Lublin, Poland. With the fall of the Berlin Wall she moved to Berlin and joined the vibrant art scene there, before moving to London where she graduated in Sculpture from UCL’s Slade School of Fine Arts.

Her work varies from printmaking to site-specific installations. Originally more interested in social dynamics and the construction of morality through socio-political motives, she now explores more abstract concepts often using elements of hypnosis (in video and sound) and surrealism.

A labyrinth motif reappears frequently in Eva’s work, reflecting our struggle to ever grasp more than a small part of the universe we inhabit. Eva focuses on fragmentary experience, our longing for meaning, unity and the struggle to understand the totality of our internal and external world; the dichotomy of being part of a universe that we never will be able to know, to describe, to comprehend.

Eva Lis - 20-05-16-10

Eva Lis - 20-05-16-78