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The delicate C13 rose window of the Abbey church, surrounded by the symbols of the Evangelists.
One of the reasons for our visit to Preci was to visit the Benedictine Abbey of Sant’Eutizio, hidden at the top of a remote valley about one hour’s walk from Preci. The Abbey in its current form dates from 1236, but the religious use of the site dates back far before that, from at least the C6.

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Approaching the Abbey from below. The bell tower forms part of the cemetery perched above the Abbey.
From an early date, the Abbey became well known for its medical skills and surgery. And when the monks were barred from practicing surgery themselves they passed on their skills to the people of Preci. Surgeons from Preci were then in demand across Italy and 

led to the founding in Preci of the “Scuola Chirurgica Preciana”, a world famous school of surgery at nearby Preci that still survives.

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Interior view of the Abbey church with what seemed to be a medieval wooden cross above the alter.
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The crypt
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The Abbey courtyard