The winkle pickers

20160714-Arnisdale-160714- 60

Monty Don was quoted in The Times this week as giving up on self-sufficiency as a life style option. Living off the land, he has concluded, is a non-starter. “At best it consigns you to a life of dreary repetition and terrible food.”

And at worst? “Your teeth fall out, your breath stinks and you erupt in boils and you sink into 13th-century malnutrition. The Good Life indeed.” But he hasn’t turned his back entirely on finding and growing his own food: “Follow the path of self-sufficiency and that way madness lies,” he says. “But self-provision is the road to wisdom.”

We had our own piece of self-provision in Arnisdale recently with the most delicious feast of scallops, winkles, mussels and mackerel, all either picked off the stones at low tide, hand-dived or line caught. It make for the most delicious feast.

Monty Don turns his back on the Good Life