Ms Delphine Rivé


Delphine Rivé is a modern European woman who was born in St Malo, Brittany, but now lives in London and works across Europe. She is a charming, vivacious and competitive character who combines a highly successful business career as a managing director in a large international consulting firm with an equally successful tennis career. The international tennis federation currently ranks her No 3 in the world for her age group. Delphine has also recently been invited to serve on a foreign trade advisory board for France.

The portrait was inspired by the portraits of John Singer Sargent, and other painters of Europe and America at the end of the C19. I trust that it presents Delphine as the confident, powerful and capable individual that she is.

Conceived and photographed by James Hall

Dress and styling by Suki Miles at

Post production by Paola Sammartino