Opening Night

20170316-Trent Art-10

Yesterday was rather a milestone for me, with the opening of the first exhibition of my pictures at Trent Art (see here for details). Everyone was extremely kind and generous with their comments, and a number of photographs were sold. So I could not have asked for more.

It was a tiring day starting with hanging the show in the morning and a Private View last night. It turns out that exposing your work to public view and explaining the thinking behind your pictures is rather draining and I will admit to sleeping well last night. But the overall response was very gratifying, as was the steady flow of people through the gallery.

I’d like to thank everyone who came along last night, particularly as most of them got soaked in the process. I’d also like to than Ruth Palmer and Henry Birkes of Trent Art for having sufficient confidence in my pictures to put on this show. It is really appreciated and I hope it proves to be a sound investment for the gallery.

I was too busy talking (there’s a surprise!) to take many pictures during the Private View but there are a few pictures below from the hanging.

20170316-Trent Art-9


20170316-Trent Art-4


20170316-Trent Art-2

20170316-Trent Art-1