Mr Iain Smith


“I have always had a strong sense that I should have grown up in Regency England, the eldest son of a noble family with 10,000 acres and £250,000 in the three-per-cents.  However, presumably due to some colossal celestial clerical error, I was born in the 1960s, the third of four sons in a 600 square foot bungalow in sectarian Glasgow.  The picture is taken in the room in my house which attempts, in a small way, to address this karmic wrong.  It’s my reproduction of a Georgian man cave (apparently they called them ‘libraries’) and in here it’s always 1813 and the French will soon need to be taught a lesson.  Rather like today actually”.


Photographed by James Hall
Uniform by Angels Costumes
Post-production by Paola Sammartino