Metamorphoses, Bread and Roses Theatre


Katherine Leyva and Ashley Rose Kaplan in ‘The Riddle Pond’

In March 2015, I photographed a young, Polish theatre director called Kasia Rozycki. Kasia had recently moved to London after studying in Glasgow and was trying to carve out a role as a theatre Director. You can see her photograph here. Shortly afterwards we discussed the boundless potential of Ovid’s Metamorphosis as a source book of ideas and narratives for art and theatre. Kasia conceived the idea of a theatre performance based on those themes and started work, from nothing and knowing no-one, to make it happen.


Benedict Scarles and Alex Dowding in ‘The Other Side’

Last night, I was proud and delighted to have the opportunity to take production photographs and watch a performance of the resulting show, Metamorphoses, at the Bread and Roses Theatre in Clapham. There was a good crowd, it was fun and engaging and if any reader of this happen to be in Clapham this Friday or Saturday I urge you to along and support Kasia and her excellent cast.

There are five short pieces in the programme, a monologue, three plays and a musical, each by a different author and with a different cast; sixteen actors in total making, I am told, for a crowded dressing room! Each piece explores one of Ovid’s stories – Prometheus, Narcissus, Icarus etc. – in a contemporary context. Working on what was literally a shoestring budget, director and cast have put together a show which has energy, humour, insight and engagement. It made for a most enjoyable with.

Onwards and upwards, Kasia and team.

Meg Lake, Gemma Leader, Daniel Julian and Fanos Xenefos in ‘Passengers or what ever happened to Icarus’