Green Door Printmaking Studio



I’ve enjoyed two days of hard work this week at the Green Door Printmaking Studio, a lovely open access print studio in Derby. I’ve been printing photogravures made from some of my photographs over the past couple of years. It has been a very rewarding learning exercise, with still plenty to learn.

Many thanks to Anne and Pan Johnson at Green Door who have made me very welcome and are happy to tolerate the eccentricities of photogravure. And to Constanza Isaza at Lux Darkroom who started me down the path to what might become a gravure obsession, and finally to Peter Moseley who not only taught me the little I know but also made the wonderful plates I have been using. The plates attract admiring glances from every printmaker who has seen them.

Thanks also to Kayt and Mischkah who sat for the original pictures.