Keith Haviland

Haviland-19-Edit V2

Keith Haviland founded Accenture’s Global Delivery Network, and led its technology services for clients on a global basis. In 2014, he decided to follow a personal passion and became a film producer. Two of his first films combine another passion around spaceflight. They are “The Last Man on the Moon”, which is a biography of Moon-walker Gene Cernan, and “Mission Control: The Unsung Heroes of Apollo”. He’s also executive producer of “Dying Laughing”, a study of the art and psychology of stand-up comedy.
“There’s more in the pipeline,” Keith adds, “including two TV series, a documentary on the Spitfire, and major landmark projects around sport and some of the true legends of spaceflight.”
Keith is a long term friend and colleague and I have been wanting to capture him on camera for some time. We were finally able to arrange this a few weeks ago. The first image was inspired by a recent exhibition of modern American prints, including prints by Robert Rauschenberg which drew their inspiration in turn from the US space program. The images include spacesuits and other items connected to Spaceflight. In the image below we have used a space-flown camera to link Keith’s twin passions for film and space.