The Mysterious Gentleman

20171101-Mysterious Gent-107

I was invited to take the production photographs for a play, The Mysterious Gentleman, which has opened at the Courtyard Theatre near Old Street this week. You can find more details of the play and the theatre here, but it explores the question of what, if anything, lies beyond life through the story of Victorian magician JN Maskelyne. Maskelyne took it as his life’s work to expose the bogus trickery of spiritualism, whilst remaining fascinated with the possibility that it might actually be possible to communicate from beyond the grave.

I’m not a professional theatre critic but for me it is was a highly entertaining performance that was well worth the modest admission charge. The huge amount of work put into the performance by the cast, the writer, Jarek Adams, and the director, Kasia Różycki is another reminder of quite how precarious a living it is producing theatre even at a high level.

Let’s hope it is a great success.


20171101-Mysterious Gent-363