Sicily 2063

We are visiting Sicily this week and next, and whilst we have visited Italy frequently in the last few years we have never before been this far south. We have started on the south coast of the island and, at the risk of cliché, are very aware that it is a tougher, harsher environment than the north. The sun is relentless, the ground looks dry and arid, and the towns are initially rather impenetrable.

However, it has many saving graces. The evening light, when the photograph above was taken, is exceptionally pink and beautiful, the food is plentiful and excellent and there are many wonderful things to see … of which more in due course.

We have been lucky enough to start our stay in a very comforting oasis the Azienda Agricola Mandranova beautifully set in a working olive farm. The rooms are beautiful, our hosts and their staff wonderful and the food excellent. They have set a high standard for the rest of our stay.