The Duomo at Cefalù

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The mosaics surrounding the alter date from 1148 and show Christ Pantocrator surrounded by saints. It is pure Byzantine art.

The Duomo in Cefalù is a most extraordinary and beautiful synthesis of Norman, Byzantine and Arabic architectural and design styles. Built under the initial direction of the Norman King Roger II it was started in 1131 and finished some 100 years later. One of the most attractive things about the building is that it remains simple and unadorned inside, allowing the original somewhat Byzantine mosaics surrounding the alter the undistracted focus they deserve. This one building certainly justifies an extended journey to Cefalù.

How the Normans came to conquer Sicily is another story …

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The central nave of the cathedral is formed of simple gothic arches, like an early British cathedral. The capitals of the columns give way however to a profusion of arabic decoration.
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The exterior of the cathedral is also a mix of the Norman and the Arabic, as the front of the building shows; plain towers surround a Moorish facade.