Ms Cordelia Zafiropulo

Cordelia Master Green

A swagger portrait: commissioned by someone rich or famous to emphasise their status, importance etc. Achieved by large size of canvas, impressive background scenery, grand style of costume and artificial posture and expressions of persons depicted.”

“When James asked me to sit for a Swagger portrait, my internal response was I’m not rich or famous according to worldly standards, but I do know that I have presence. 

A portrait in the grand manner, stepping back a moment in time…

The moment I slipped into costume I became the Grand Dame of importance hosting her evening soirée. My body language, posture and manner became as graceful as the clothes I was in. It was luscious and fun. 

The portraits were inspired by paintings from Sir Frank Bernard Dicksee 1912, and Giovanni Boldini. The period is such a beautiful era for women’s fashion, with abundant playfulness, femininity, and so becoming for our feminine beings”.

Dresses, hair and make-up by Suki Miles.

Cordelia Master Red