Pomegranate - 1

I have been learning about the Aesthetic Movement, a C19 artistic movement which grew out of the Pre-Raphaelites. The artist Albert Moore is usually considered part of that movement though he was a somewhat independent character and perhaps not fully part of any movement.

Moore had no interested in the narrative of a painting; his sole focus was on beauty, composition and colour and so while his paintings today perhaps look prototypically Victorian they were in their day considered rather radical. They were not a picture “of” anything they were simply an image to be assessed purely on its aesthetic impact. As such he set out to map a route which would inevitably to abstraction.

The image above is the first in a series inspired by Albert Moore. As always with such images the end result id a collaborative effort. Kayt and Olivia modelled. Suki Miles did the overall styling and Paola Sammartino ensured a consistent ‘Moore-ish’ colour palette.

I hope you like it.