Lucy Rose

Belladrum 274 1

By her own admission, Lucy Rose is not a natural ‘festival artist’. Her music is deeply introspective and her layered soundscapes benefit and good acoustics and no background noise. So in a noisy Grassroots tent she was bound to struggle and it required intense concentration by both her and us to keep the show on the road.

I guess in the ‘old days’ musicians had to find their feet in noisy pubs with barracking audiences. Now it is noisy festivals and background chatter. It was aggravating, but nevertheless it was probably a mistake to raise the issue as it only made Lucy seem slightly precious. I think you have to soldier on and remember that which does not kill you makes you stronger.

We enjoyed it anyway, as did the core audience. And when we got home we put the record on to remind us just haw carful and complex the music is!