Magdalene Odundo at the Sainsbury Centre for the Visual Arts

We visited the Sainsbury Centre in Norwich last week, primarily to see the wonderfully diverse permanent collection. But also on show was an exhibition of work by Magdalene Odundo. Odundo is first and foremost a world leading potter but she has also created the fascinating piece featured here consisting of 1001 glass pins suspended in a matrix from the ceiling. The piece has been installed several times in different locations, configured differently in each case.

On this occasion, the resulting work is called Murmuration, bringing to mind as it does the seemingly synchronised movement of thousands of starlings as they circle at dusk before roosting. The individual pins can perhaps therefore be seen as representative of individuals, each separate but moving in unison to find a place of safety. Given recent events at Purfleet it was a moving moment to see such a piece. It is also very beautiful.