Adios a Valpo

Hall 2013-03-23 7598 - Version 2

I struggled during my time in Valparaiso to discover exactly what I thought about the city. There is much to love about the energy and vibrancy of the place and its people, and it is a real working city. But it is also run-down in many places, slightly edgy and crowded.

I found myself comparing it with another rather similar, though larger city, Havana. Havana is also run-down, much more so than Valpo. But both cities remind you constantly of how rich and grand they once were. and both cities have an energetic characher and charm which is quite infectious if you are prepared to plunge in, as with our anti-tour.

I also felt that my previous pictures had not perhaps adequately reflected the charm of the city so on my last morning I took advantage of the earlier light to try and do better.

Hall 2013-03-23 7591


Hall 2013-03-23 7594 - Version 2


Hall 2013-03-23 7602 - Version 2