Portrait of Marta Wawryszuk

Image ©James Hall and Marta Wawryszuk
Image ©James Hall and Marta Wawryszuk

Marta completed an MA Illustration at Camberwell College of Arts in London. Her work has gained international recognition and she has worked with clients from Canada, Turkey, France, Poland and the United Kingdom.During her time at Camberwell College of Arts together with her friends she co-founded Hurdy Gurdy, an illustration collective specialising in organising art events and workshops. As a collective they worked together for the Museum of London, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Edit Stein Society.
Her practise is focusing around storytelling and narrative illustration. She uses different techniques from digital illustration, ink drawing to mono printing. Currently she is working on her own range of fashion accessories.

I met Marta, appropriately enough, at the new Museum of Illustration at King’s Cross. It was a hot, muggy day and we went into the quiet and cool gardens around the new office developments above St Pancras to take some pictures. I was keen that the final image reflect Marta’s focus on illustration and we agreed the best way to achieve this was to create an image which combined elements of photography and illustration. The delightful image above is the result.