Portrait of Zuza Tehanu

©James Hall
©James Hall

Zuza Tehanu is a dancer, choreographer, performance director, actress, musician and photographer. She started her dance training with the Dada von Bzdulow Theatre, and photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Poland, then dance and performance at Lewisham College in London.

Zuza is a founder and director of Dark Soul Dance Theatre, and since 2010 has been performing regularly at commercial venues in London (BGWMC, Rich Mix, 1001 Cafe, The Space Theatre). She celebrated her theatre’s 17th premiere of the “Isle of Penumbra” in October 2014. Since 2012 she has collaborated with PAiL London on Festival of Female Performers’ as a part of East in East festival at Rich Mix and in a recent production “HEReins”, commissioned by the London Metropolitan Archives. She choreographed for fashion designer Paulina Palian in “Project Anna” in 2013, as part of the One Billion Rising Festival. She also performed in the play “In beak we trust” play produced by POSK London and in “Crimson” performance with Neti-Neti Theatre Company, produced by Goldsmiths University.
Zuza has also appeared in a number of commercials and films with the most successful “Obstacle” (2013) by Nilesh Vasave and “Blackout”(2015) by Eddie Sain-Jean. In February 2014 she debuted in two English plays with the London Drama Group and in 2015 joined Transform Dance Company performing “Bird Women” at various dance festivals.

Zuza is thoroughly experienced in acting on camera, devising theatre productions, classical plays and dance and physical theatre shows. She is also a singer, musician, and song writer; she was part of Sunlight Service Group, Gadjo Form, Emanon and Glimmer bands over the last 7 years. Zuza often works in collaboration with artists from various fields, creating interdisciplinary outcomes that don’t fall into one art category.

Zuza was keen to be photographed ‘in nature’, which is not always easy in central London. However the chance discovery of this large weeping tree in Hyde Park made the perfect location for a dance image. With thanks to Zuza for her time and patience in ensuring we got this picture.