Borrowing from Boucher

20151214-Lulu and Boucher

It takes some time to absorb the full implications of ‘being digital’. For me, that proceess of absorption has created a growing understanding that being digital means much more than being able to digitally manipulate an individual artefact such as a photograph. It means combining different artefacts, skills and techniques, and it means that the conventional boundaries between ‘art’, ‘design’ or ‘photography mean nothing now; and perhaps never did. The opportunity is not just to manipulate individual images, but to combine images from different sources, to ‘sample’ images as musicians sample the music of others, all to synthesise different elements into a new form.

The picture above is a detail taken from one result of my experiments in this direction; a continuing process of self-education. It combines a contemporary photograph with drawings by Francois Boucher, the master artist of the French Rococo, to create an image which might be referred to as ‘after Boucher’. I hope you like it.

Conceived, photographed and created by James Hall
Modelled by Lulu Lockhart
Drawings by Francois Boucher (1703-1770), details for a design for a frontispiece

The full image can be seen here: