Kallitype printing at Lux Darkroom

I’ve just spent two interesting and enjoyable days at Lux Darkroom in Islington with Peter Moseley and Constanza Isaza being introduced to the mysteries of Kallitype printing. Kallitype is a Victorian method of iron-silver printing which fell out of fashion as more efficient printing techniques were developed but is enjoying a small renaissance as a craft printing method, re-engineered to allow printing from negatives created from digital images. 

Given the historical context of the printing method, what better images to use than these slightly Victorian images of good friends Iain Smith and Radhika Chadwick.

The technical background and skills of the other course participants somewhat dwarfed my own but under Peter and Constanza’s guidance I was able to understand the principles and process and create some very serviceable prints. So, I have found yet another fun way of spending the time I don’t have!  Thank you both, yet again, for an excellent course.