The new Exhibition Road entrance to the V&A

The new entrance to the V&A, and the new Sainsbury Gallery which lies underneath it, is a wonderful addition, and will surely become the principal entrance to the Museum. Located on Exhibition Road, which is already semi-pedestrianised and must surely become fully so in time, it utilises an original facade behind which was originally installed the Museum’s boiler rooms. Through the facade is a welcoming plaza before you step into the gallery itself. 

Once you enter the Museum there is immediately to the left a striking black, white and red stairwell which takes you down to a cavernous new exhibition space. I presume this new space will take over from the rather haphazard e hibition space on the other side of the Museum which is split down the middle by an unsightly service corridor. 

Tristan Hunt is lucky indeed to be able to assume ownership of such an excellent new asset so early in his Directorship.