Francesca Genovese

For a photographer, an independent portfolio review is rather like an intimate medical examination. You know that it is good for you, but it involves exposing yourself and you can never be certain whether what you hear is going to build you up to knock you down.

My own previous experience of such reviews has been fairly brutal and whilst I was told things that it was necessary and productive to hear I certainly felt that I had been put through the wringer.

So it was with a degree of apprehension that I headed down to Westcliff-on-Sea this morning for a portfolio review with Fran Genovese of the Francesca Maffeo Gallery. Fortunately my apprehension was unnecessary and the review was incredibly helpful and productive, albeit leaving me with a lot to read, a lot to see and a lot to do.

After a few months of some creative self-doubt I now feel re-energised, better able to focus and ready to take my photography forward again. Thank you Fran.