Renaissance Portraits

20150528-Renaissance Portraits -3

I have been working for some weeks on a series of photographs based on paintings and illustrated manuscripts from the Renaissance period, and still life paintings from the Dutch Golden Age. This portrait and three others are the first results of the project; more will follow in the next few weeks.

It has been a complex project to plan and execute and, as you would expect, it has involved quite a team of models, stylists and others. They have all been incredibly supportive and helpful. However, I want to give particular thanks to Paola Sammartino whose compositional and retouching skills, sympathy for the Renaissance period and eye for colour and texture have been critical to the final result. Paola and I have never met but have developed a close working relationship over the past few weeks; the wonders of the internet.

The full set of portraits and credits to the whole team involved are here ( Do have a look and let me know what you think.