Basket of Flowers with Nymphs and Butterflies

20150529-Still Life-1-Edit

I published (here) the first results of a very successful photoshoot earlier this month. The picture above is one from a second series of photographs taken on the same day. The full set of photographs can be seen here:

The pictures were originally inspired by the still life paintings of the Dutch Golden Age, particularly Willem van Aelst (1627-1683) and Jan van Huysum (1682-1749). I think you would agree that Sean Hirst has done an outstanding job in creating a floral composition which is in sympathy with their paintings, and Paola Sammartino in capturing the Dutch feel and colouration in her retouching.

Butterflies are a regular feature of still life paintings but the addition of the nymphs was a small act of subversion by me, recalling the ‘fairy’ images of early Victorian photographers.

As always, these photographs are a team effort and I’d like to thank everyone involved in making it possible. Full credits can be found by following the link above.